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Marriage Information

Engaged Couples Seeking Marriage in the Catholic Church

  • Christ the King’s wedding times are Saturday at 2 pm or 7:30 pm
  • Call the church, preferably a year and no less than six months before your desired date, to begin the process
  • Couples must have known each other at least six months and both must be 18 years of age by date of the marriage
  • Couples must complete a FOCCUS Survey and have it reviewed with a designated marriage minister from Christ the King
  • Couples must complete a Marriage Formation Day or a Sponsor Couple Process with a certificate of completion
  • Additional Documents:
  • Freedom to Marry Affidavits:  Each party will have a witness complete this form at a Catholic Church, with a priest, deacon, or lay designate.  The completed form is stamped with the church seal and returned to Christ the King.
  • New Baptismal Certificate, with notations, issued from your Church of Baptism, within six months of the wedding date for the Catholic party
  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate, or letter from Church of Baptism, for party baptized in another faith tradition.
  • Completed Prenuptial Questionnaire
  • Additional documents may be necessary

Please contact Bill Hare: or 214-365-1204.